Buying a new smartphone is no small investment thus it is reasonable to focus on increasing its life in terms of battery and functionality rather than investing on a new phone every year. We will discuss today the top 4 tips that you can employ in this regard.

1- Get rid of all unrequired apps

Android users often complain about the reduction in their smartphone’s responsiveness over time. They claim that their phone’s speed was lightening at first but has somehow slowed down and unnecessary apps is one of the biggest reasons of it. Every app, document, file or photo on your memory takes up a chunk of RAM and there comes a time it reaches the pinnacle. As a result, its response time increases and you have to endure lag. To eradicate this issue, visit your phone apps weekly and remove those which are not in use. Moreover, go to the Gallery and dump every photo which you might have clicked to check camera’s result or plenty which were taken in effort to get a properly focused image.

2- Protect the exterior of your phone

Instead of enduring the pain of spending money on a broken screen or a shattered back cover, it’s a smart strategy to invest in much cheaper accessories like glass protector and mobile case. These will ensure that your mobile is protected from physical injuries, occasional falls and scratches on the screen. Getting an attractive case for Rs. 300 and a glass protector for Rs. 150 will in turn save you from investing thousands if the phone gets damaged.

3- Be smart about the use of active tracking

Bluetooth, NFC and location services take up a portion of your phone’s battery because they get refreshed and updated. They should only be turned on when needed. Samsung users can perform even better by turning off Voice Assistant and Samsung Health.

4- Beware of malware

Although not very likely but smartphones can become infected with viruses. To reduce the likelihood, practice caution when installing any new app: read the reviews first and do a small prior research on it. Apps which are laden with malware will disrupt the functionality of your phone and slow it down. Of course, you can delete such apps by switching to Safe mode, if you are an Android User and by resetting if you are an Apple user.