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5 local trees you can plant today to save your future #actnow


With the recent and many go green and plant more tree drives, we shouldn’t get misled by choosing varieties that aren’t suitable for our region and climate. Listed below are 5 local trees with description and pictures so you can make a smart choice while planting trees.

  • Gulmohar:

Scientific Name: Fragrant Royal Poinciana/ Delonix regia

The name is dervied from Gul (flower) and Mohr (a coin or a stamp)

2) Neem:

Scientifc Name: Azadirachta indica

This plant is famous for its anti-fungal, anti-bacterial properties

3) Amaltas

Scientific Name: Golden Shower Tree/Cassia fistula

This plant has ornamental as well as herbal properties.

4) Lignum/Rohida

Scientific name: Tecomella undulata

This plant produces high quality timber.

5) Peepal

Scintific Name: Ficus religiosa 

This plant has medicinal value.


For a detailed list of local trees with their scientific names and properties, please visit: http://www.lahoregardening.com/2011/03/encyclopedia-of-plants-trees.html