i) Mr/Ms Know-it-All

Certain clients pretend to know everything about the task they are hiring another company for. For example, they will hire an ad agency, and then they will know exactly how the ad should be and what the agency should be doing. The ad agency folks might be pretending to really like how ‘aware’ and how ‘well-informed’ you are, but in their hearts they might be praying for the meeting to end quickly.

ii) Mr/Ms Confused

Following from the point above, whereas too much information and awareness can change the dynamics of a client-business relationship, too little information is also dangerous. Sometimes, clients are completely unaware of what they want from a project. They are unable to effectively communicate their needs and expectations to a company and that creates undue confusion.

iii) Mr/Ms Anxiety

Tring tring.
“Hello, this is ABC Pvt Limited, how can I help you?”
“Hi, this is Mr Anxiety and I know you still have a week till the deadline, but are you sure you will meet it?”
“Hello Mr Anxiety, I hope you are well and I believe this is the third time you are calling in. Thank you for your concern, and I can assure you that we are very capable of meeting a deadline that is still a week away.”
“That’s good to know!”

Happens to the best of companies.

iv) Mr/Ms Payment Delayed

Are you composing an invoice not honored email for the fifth time for the same client? There are a few clients who just won’t pay up no matter how many times you remind them. And the project is stuck at a point where you really can’t ditch them. If you find a way to deal with such clients, let us know too!

v) Mr/Ms Cancel Last Minute

You are just a few inches away from grabbing the deal of your life, this is exactly what you have been looking for, you have pinned all your hopes on this one big project…..aaaaanndd the client cancels. How? Why? What happened? Nobody knows. That’s just how some clients are.
Oh well. Clients come in all shapes, sizes, and types. But the fact remains that they are always right 