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8 Ways to offer Free Shipping to your customers


Nowadays its very important for ecommerce websites to offer FREE shipping to their customers, specially for items that cost less the added shipping cost can sometime turn away a customer from buying your product. Below I have discussed 8 ways you can try and offer FREE shipping.

1. Free shipping Vs Paid shipping for fast delivery
Generally people are willing to pay extra to get their products in time. As it turns out there are usually enough customers who want to get their products on time that end up paying for the people choosing FREE shipping option.

2. Track and trace on paid version only can be another option
You can also offer free shipping but add a service for an additional cost like order tracking.

3. Free shipping from a threshold
This is a very common practice where a certain threshold can be set like Rs 1000 or 2000. Recent study has revealed that people are willing to spend 30 percent extra just to get FREE shipping if you have a good threshold.

4. Free shipping through a coupon
You can give people free shipping on coupons and then the people who are lazy will end up paying otherwise shipping will be free. This can have a little negative impact as well so a little caution is advised in this method.

5. Free shipping for some products
Some products are so heavy or so costly to ship that sometimes FREE shipping is just not an option in that case you can have a group of products where you can offer free shipping and promote that.

6. Free shipping for email or phone number
This is another great strategy to get valuable data in return for FREE shipping, phone numbers and emails can then be used in digital marketing to retarget customers. So if the cost of free shipping can be compensated by the positive impact on sales through retargeting then this is highly recommended.

7. Free pick ups
For a company offering goods in a locality free pick-up can be a very valuable offer. People would prefer to get it picked instead of the item being delivered and then having issues with returns or aftersales.

8. Loyalty program, free shipping and discounts
A business can maintain a hierarchy of customers and offer their loyal customers benefits like FREE shipping or extra discounts.