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Here Are Some Amazingly Useful Websites You Should Know


1- 10 minute mail:

Sick of spams in your email and of sharing your email with random websites? Well here is the answer. As the name suggests, 10 minutes mail creates an email for you for 10 minutes which you can use for subscriptions or anything else that you want. Now you can easily beat spam with this temporary email service.

2- Fake Name Generator

Just as you need a fake email address, sometimes you also need to fill in fake details for User forms online. There is a solution for it too. Try Fake name generator. It will provide fake address, phone numbers and any other details that you might need online.

3- Hackertyper

We all feel like showing off once in a while. This is the website for the snob in all of us. If you want to show your friends that you can are master hacker and can code at godspeed, try hacker typer.

Once you have typed enough code, hold down the Alt key and a message saying ‘Access Granted’ will appear on your screen.

4- Mount Everest in 3D

Not all of us can climb the Everest in real life, but now it is possible to do so virtually. Check out everestin3D and experience the killer mountain up close.

5- Account killer

This website shows you how to kill any social media account forever. No need to look for difficult and long instructions when you have all of it available in accessible and easy language on this website.