The war between iOS and Android is common knowledge in the tech industry. Where Apple claims to have produced sleek and fast processing phones, Android manufacturers such as Samsung have been able to craft better phones when it comes to battery, customization preferences and ease of use.

Why Android phones rule the majority of the market?

Other than in America, Android is the most popular phone software all around the world. Here are five reasons why Android is a better option and one could consider switching from iOS.

  1. Customisation preferences: Android phones allow users to customize almost everything on the phone. Messaging and call backgrounds, notifications, vibration intensity, CPU power output and whatnot. It also allows you to use multiple applications at one time through its “multiple windows” feature, which is a great advantage for users who wish to multi-task.

  2. Better Battery: iOS users are always complaining and suffering from a less powerful battery. In contrast, be it Samsung, Huawei, or even Xiaomi amongst other Android manufacturers the battery life of Android phones is double of what Apple has to offer. This works great for people who are busy and cannot be bothered to charge their phone every few hours. Android phones also have a fast charging option that charges the phone for approximately one hour to a full 100%.

  3. Ease of use: Since the Android software is powered and developed by Google, this makes it easier to use and open to a wider audience. It means that Android phones have more options than iOS users when it comes to technological advancement and it also offers a wide plethora of applications on its Google Play Store mostly free of cost.

  4. Expandable memory: as to what they can stock their phone up with.

  5. Waterproof: When it comes to taking selfies in water or using your phone during a heavy downpour, iOS cannot be your companion. Android phones are usually waterproof and pose the users no hassle during watery situations.