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Aurat March 2019: Thousands stand together to proclaim significance of #WhyIMarch

Through this Aurat match, women will voice themselves out loud by highlighting the significance of this revolutionary movement that is the need of current times.


In advance to the ground-breaking Aurat March 2019 that has been scheduled to be held on International Women’s Day (March 8), women from all across the country, regardless of their backgrounds, or professions, are publicly expressing their notion on why they want to attend this march. They are taking on to Twitter using the hashtag #WhyIMarch, listing down their reasons to be there at the march.

In the past few days, it has come to notice that a prodigious number of women are stepping forward with a common objective of chasing away the long-standing and hoary harassment and domination they have been face since forever. Through this match, they are voicing themselves by highlighting the significance of this revolutionary movement.

Embarked on a mission to stand up and fight against sidelining, patriarchy, misogyny, and gender inequality they have been facing for years, women share their views on why they feel this march is significant. This march, is in fact, their way to rise and revolt against the miseries they been facing starting from prejudiced gender roles to harassment and honor killing among other vehement issues they deal with. 

According to journalist Benazir Jatoi, she believes that it is pertinent that women have control over their own body. 

#WhyIMarch because women do not have agency over their own body. The real revolution will come when a woman owns her own – her own body and her own mind. #AuratAzadiMarchIslamabad #AuratMarch2019

Benazir Jatoi on her official Twitter account

In the words of Aysha Raja:

#WhyIMarch because I don’t want my daughter to have to fight as hard as we and our forbearers did. #BloodyExhausing

Aysha Raja on her official Twitter account

In the meantime Nighat Dad, who happens to be a lawyer and internet social activist who runs the not-for-profit organisation Digital Rights Foundation, and recently launched Ab Aur Nahin, thinks it is highly crucial, particularly for women, to raise their voice against the violence, and that’s her reason for attending #WhyIMarch. 

#WhyIMarch because when women speak up against sexual harassment they are slapped and threatened with law suits. Stop silencing victims and survivors.#humAurtain ab darnay wali nahin. #AbAurNahin #Timesup #AuratMarch2019 #AuratMarchLahore #Metoo

Nighat Dad on her official Twitter account

Nida Kirmani, a feminist sociologist working on gender and urban idiosyncrasies in South Asia, affirms that it is unquestionably necessary to attend the march to fight against the existing societal gender roles. 

“I march because strict gender roles confine all of us in suffocating boxes and prevent women and men from reaching their full potential as human beings. #WhyIMarch #AuratMarch2019

Nida Kirmani on her official Twitter account

The most interesting part is that a substantial number of men have also pledged their support in favor of the march, starting from putting forth why they look forward to the Aurat March. 

CA Student Shehryar Khan tweets:

#WhyIMarch because I believe that revolution without woman liberation is not possible
#AuratMarch2019 @iamQaisarJaved

Shehryar Khan his official Twitter account

To pay tribute to the women, many restaurants and cafes are offering discounts and special offers for women on 8th march. Cinnabon Pakistan and Bombay Chowpatty are among some popular names offering freebies to women on Friday.