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Choosing the perfect image for your blog.


You are a blogger who needs to focus on words to make them attractive for the readers but why is that you need a ‘special’ image for your blog post too?

It’s because today, your reader has a lot to choose from the overflowing amount of content online and you require something which will grasp his attention on the first look. Image is the best method of doing it because a human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text. But how to choose just the perfect image for your script?

Here are some tips that can help you in this:

The image should explain the main concept of the blog

We took this image from a lifehacker blog “How you’re unknowingly embarrassing yourself online (and how to stop)”.

It is a self-explanatory picture: the thumbs down and the shopping bag with a sad face on it shows you have done something to embarrass yourself, the icons on the backdrop reflect the platforms of social media while the toil to remove the bag with a sad face on it, translates to the idea of “how to stop”. This is an excellent example of how your picture should be.
Or otherwise, you can pick a word from the central idea of your blog and relate the image to it for example, a piece about skyrocketing your earning – ‘rocketing’ is the word you should choose to find an image for.

Choose an image that is visually attractive

Once you have decided which type of image you are going to use for your blog, choose an image that is attractive in terms of its composition, colors and lighting. The reader is more likely to leave the blog unopened if the image is ugly and unattractive even if well related to the topic.

Blog with which of these header images will you probably open?

Find a high resolution, yet small-sized image

Viewers, nowadays desire high-quality in every aspect; be it a cheese burger, an electronic gadget or a blogpost image, because there is a fierce competition all around. Which picture would you prefer?

Obviously, the one on the left.
Therefore, your picture should be high in resolution, optimal in contrast and brightness, accurately resized yet have a smaller size because larger image sizes might take long to load on the webpage and that would contribute to high bounce rate of your page’s viewers. You can get free images from royalty free platforms like Pixabay, Freestock & Unsplash.

What if you can’t find a perfect image?

In that case, the safest strategy is to go ‘simple’ and open easy-to-use software like Canva or DesignBold to make your own version by writing text and adding a catchy background just like this one:

 It is important, however, to have a decent design sense and color psychology before you make your own image.

Follow these tips and get ready to receive more traffic on your blog.