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Fashion Descent is the heaven for trendy youth!

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Tech Central: Please introduce yourself.
Fashion Descent: Hi, my name is Farida. I am an entrepreneur. I have designed and launched a business start up called “Fashion Descendant”. I design  formal clothes, party wear, wedding dresses, trendy bags, cultural bags and jewelry for all sorts of events. I also design clothes for men and children.

TC: What motivated you to initiate this startup?
FD: The purpose of this startup is to facilitate all people through online and offline service. The basic aim of Fashion Descendant is to provide customers of all ages the product of their choice at one click.

TC: How are your products different from the existing products?
FD: My products are completely different from other existing products. What makes them special is their quality. All products are manufactured under my instruction. For example, the clothes produced at Fashion Descendant are stitched out of the best fabric. Customer satisfaction is the key goal for me.

TC: How WomenX helped you getting through?
FD: WomenX gave me the platform where I met many people who shared a similar interest as my own. This helped me expand my business.

TC: Are you planning to expand in other cities?
FD: I am interested in expanding my products all over Pakistan as well as abroad. I want Fashion Descendant to be representative of Pakistan outside the country.

TC: What one-line message would you like to give to the women in Pakistan?
FD: My message for Pakistani women is to just believe in your women power, have faith in Allah swt and always think positive for yourself and those who are around you.
With persistence and hard work, Allah will definitely show you the best way to achieve your goal. Your goal and your dream is for you, not because you want to compete with men.
What I am today is just because of my Father . He is my Super Hero, who helped me believe in myself and pursue my dream.
My father didn’t tell me how to live .He lived and let me watch him do it .