Samsung’s new flagship phone Galaxy Note 10 has already created a lot of buzz on social media due to its unbelievable amount of storage space and epic performance. According to the recent leaks the new Galaxy Note 10 will offer 1TB storage and comes with the two variants of 256GB and 512GB. The three expected versions Note 10 lite, Note 10, and Note 10+ will be launched earlier in August followed by the latter two which will reportedly be made available in 5G variants. The Galaxy Note 10 brings some significant updates to the Samsung’s star Note series. Here are some of the insides about Samsung’s big screened smartphone lineup:

According to the murmers Galaxy Note 10 is probable to have a punch-hole front camera mounted on the top of the screen. The vertically aligned triples lens camera will include a 16MP Ultra wide-angle camera, with 2x optical zoom 12 MP telephoto camera, and a 12 MP main camera. For more accurate depth sensing a Time of Flight ToF would also be added. Moreover, the phone could be equipped with a 6.75 inch curved Super AMOLED display with thin bezels. However, it might lack a 3.5mm headphone jack this time around.

Speaking of the design, there are speculations that the Note 10 1TB model might have a ceramic back design without a physical power button. It would either come with a button free design. This has caused a lot curiosity among the viewers, as they are eying upon to see if Samsung ditches the bixby key that has become a moot lately this time around or not. The galaxy Note 10 might also not support a microSD slot just like Galaxy S10 5G. We have also heard that the manufacturers are reconsidering their decision to include the iconic SPen as it slows down the performance of the device.

Samsung has posted a teaser on its twitter account for the upcoming Galaxy Note 10 awaited next month. The focus point of the video is to show that it can work as a smartphone, desktop PC and laptop. The Galaxy note 10 is rumored to have the best screen and there will be no better screen other than this in the second half of 2019. The Note series has bagged a lot of appreciation from the users previously However, will the all new Galaxy Note 10 be able to do the same in contrast to the gigantic price tag attached to it we cannot wait to see that.