Google is infamous for its expert tracking of people and the collection of their data. Be it browsing history, places you have been to or videos you have watched, Google knows it all. However, as a part of their privacy pushing plan Google has developed an incognito mode which has been previously available on Google Chrome and YouTube, and is now on its way to becoming a part of the Google Maps application. So, in a nutshell, this means users now have privacy to choose whether they want their location history to be synced with their account or not.

Announced at the Google I/O 2019, the incognito mode in Google Maps will allow users to turn off their location tracking and location searching from being synced with their Google account or being stored locally. This is a great feature in terms of privacy as not everyone is comfortable with sharing all aspects of their life. However, your phone’s service providers will always have a rough idea about your location history depending on your phone’s connectivity with the carrier’s network towers.

The feature is fairly simple to turn on and off. You can do this by clicking on your profile picture at the upper right-hand corner. In the options presented there will be written incognito mode; click it to either turn it off or on.

How will the incognito mode work with other applications?

Other than Google Maps there are other applications which require location information. If you are using an app that requires your current location to operate such as an app that helps you locate near by restaurants, or hang out places, or shopping malls the application will be able to access your location easily. Similar to how this feature works in Google Chrome, the privacy is granted to the user but only to a limited extent.

The exact date of the launch has not been revealed yet, but Google assures that it will roll very soon this year.