The most prosperous and glorious time of the year is almost here! Ramadan is just a few days away and the excitement level for the holy month is super high. So, while Ramadan does mean fasting and lots of worship, a lot of us are not able to achieve this goal very thoroughly. Sadly, gluttony is practised the most in this month with lavish iftar menus and restaurants offering food deals making us lose the purpose of fasting in the first place. That said, here are a few small steps which can help you spend a healthy Ramadan.

Treat Your Body Like Your Friend

Befriend Water: After a long day of fasting, especially in this hot weather it is important for your body to take in lots of water. So, the first and most crucial thing is to hydrate your body as much as you can during the hours of eating and drinking between iftar and suhoor. Do not load yourself with carbonated drinks and excessively sweet juices instead, stick to plain water and fresh juices as these contain a nutritious number of vitamins and balanced natural sugars.

Balanced Meals: Lavish iftar parties with a high dose of fried things is a sad tradition in our society. Try not eating fried things as these are low in nutritional value. Switch to making iftar food in a healthy way such as baking potato balls instead of frying them, or making whole wheat items instead of from all-purpose flour. However, you should have a balanced plate that has carbohydrates, a protein item, vegetables, and grains. There are excellent YouTube tutorials on making non-fried iftar items. Make sure to watch those.

Get, Set, Exercise: Many of us think that exercise routines need to be discontinued in Ramadan, that’s not really true. Rigorous exercise might not be possible nor is advised but sticking to your regular routine is actually healthy. While we may not be able to lose weight in Ramadan through exercising its possible to maintain your weight and not gain it further. The best time for exercise is before iftar so you can hydrate yourself afterward.

Don’t forget your sweet tooth: With all that said and out of the way, it’s okay to indulge yourself once in a while into sweet or savory items whichever you prefer more. Don’t entirely deny yourself of your cravings. Just have a moderate portion and don’t overdose yourself.

Happy Fasting!