1. Focus on the URL: URL address has a strong potential for making your content SEO friendly. Firstly, avoid using long URLs like: https://www.domain.com/don’t-write-such-long-urls-that-the-user-gets-bored. They should be precise, effective and suitable. For example, a URL for your article on getting more traffic on website can be: https://www.domain.com/increase-website-traffic. Secondly, the URL should should have the keyword of your article.
  2. Use anchor text effectively: Anchor text is the clickable term which embeds the link of another article in it. You might have seen blue underlined hyperlinks captioned “Click here” in articles. We recommend you not to use anchor text that way. Rather, anchor a phrase or word which is appearing naturally in your article.
  3. Link to other websites: Although link building is an Off-Page strategy. However, you can translate the concept to On-Page writings as well. If you can manage to relate your article to highly authoritative guest websites, it would be great. Obviously, they charge money for displaying your article but this practice increases the ‘worth’ of your website in the eyes of search engines and develops a strong relationship with your readers. It doesn’t need to relate to the article having the same keyword. For example, a small article on gardening tips can link your Amazon affiliate article on best lawn mowers.

We hope our On-Page SEO writing tips proved beneficial for you.