Samsung has its smartphone game going strong with its development of the Samsung Note series each year. Incorporating the most top-notch features, along with brilliant speed and a sleek design, the Samsung Galaxy Note series are one of the most amazing smartphones available in the market without a doubt. This year’s awaited Galaxy Note 10 has a whole lot of rumours regarding its specifications. Here is all you need to know about the Galaxy Note 10 before its release in the last quarter of 2019.

What to expect from the Samsung Galaxy Note 10?

According to a reliable source, it is rumoured that Samsung will follow its previous lead of launching four models for its latest phone. Same as it launched four models for Samsung Galaxy S10, the Note 10 is expected to have four models too differing in size and two LTE options. It is expected that the phone will have models featuring a 6.28-inch screen and a 6.75-inch screen. Two models will also support 5G LTE technology.

In terms of design, there have been no leaked pictures so there is no definite proof what the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will look like. However, based on Samsung’s design of latest phones such as the Galaxy S10 it would be safe to say that there will be a punch hole design for the front camera in the phone, and no physical buttons will be present either. The Galaxy Note 10 will feature a glass back, and most probably three rear cameras on the back. All in all, one thing is absolutely certain that the Note 10 will not be featuring a head phone jack.

Technical Specifications

The phone is expected to host the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor. An American carrier service, Verizon confirmed that the Note 10 will be supporting 5G LTE. The RAM size of the phone is expected to range from 8GB to 12GB.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is expected to range from around $1000 to $1500 based on the variations in models. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 was priced at $1000 which makes it highly likely for Note 10 to have the same starting price.


Except for a few features, nothing is absolutely confirmed about the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. However, based on previous Note series, it seems to be a promising phone, although a bit towards the pricier side.