Since the time Careem launched in Pakistan, it has slowly made its way to becoming famous as a cheap and accessible ride-hailing service in Pakistan. Careem came as an angel in disguise service that solved transport issues for a huge majority of people. You have to simply install the Careem application and pin your location in order to hail a bike, rickshaw, or car. Recently, a lot of unsettling reviews and comments about the company have been circulating and here is why.

Peak factors

Careem has an unreasonable tendency to increase ride rates by applying peak factors. A peak factor means that the regular rate of the ride will be increased due to traffic, weather complications or some other factor like this. This has turned into a money drenching activity since the peak factor is usually there at office hours, school times and weekends. This means that people who have been using Careem due to it being cheap to have to pay more in any case now.

Excess data usage

Another annoying reason people are dissatisfied with Careem is that the application uses excess data when being used. This is highly inconvenient for people who have limited mobile data or limited Wi-Fi access.

Shahi Sawari the new favorite

Shahi Sawari is a rickshaw hailing service that is making its way to the top due to its cheap rides. The Shahi Sawari application has no such issues such as excess data usage or intensified peak factors, and moreover, it is easy to use for people who are not tech savvy. To book a rickshaw you can simply call on their helpline, tell them your location and a ride will be on its way. For now, Shahi Sawari offers no promo codes, and there are many locations in which it doesn’t operate for which Careem still does remain as the backup option.