Technology has assisted us in numerous ways but the fact cannot be neglected that the same technology is responsible for the increased rate of distractions we face. A study of 2018, UK, confirmed that people check their phones after every 12 minutes during working hours on average.

While focus has become an arduous trait to manufacture, we will share some useful ways of remaining concentrated on your tasks.

1. Turn off notifications: How often are you distracted by the buzz of a Facebook notification or a text message from your friend during working hours? Plenty, we assume. Psychologists have found out that even brief mental blocks created by answering these notifications result in 40% reduction of your work productivity. Either take a bold step and turn these push notifications off completely during your office hours or have a dedicated time for checking them.

2. Construct a daily routine: Suppose you are a writer who has to perform 4 sets of different activities daily at the workplace. You should have a timetable as to when and which task will you execute first, the type of breakfast you will have each day, the time of lunch, smoke and coffee breaks you will take and so on. Adhering to this schedule and ranking your tasks according to their significance will in turn, condition your brain to remain focused because you won’t be wasting any time thinking on what to do next. Famous entrepreneurs and work gurus like Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg follow a fixed pattern of outfits to remain focused.

3. Concentrate on smaller parts of the work rather that the whole goal:

 Thinking about final goal the entire time would make you uncomfortable and unsure. Suppose you are developing an app that has to potentially increase traffic by 100%. If you have that in mind through the entire process, it would divert your focus while you prepare the constituents because every time, you would be wanting the algorithms to be unique which will undermine even the basics sometimes. Concentrate on small chunks of the task like building a UI, integrating analytic tools and identifying beta testers and once it is done, optimize it according to the need at hand.

Focus is important for your work productivity therefore it’s time you follow these tips and stay on the path.