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How To Start An Online Tutoring Business With Zero Investment

Wanting to start an online tutoring business but don't have the funds? Maybe you don't need them at all. Check out these tips and you'll be able to set up your online business with zero investment.

Online tutoring business

Wajiha Saqib offers online Urdu language learning classes to a global audience. She got in touch with Harisa Zahid to seek some business advice on how she can convert her idea of giving Urdu lessons online into a profitable business with very low investment.

Here are some easy-to-follow, effective, and zero investment business ideas that can help in setting up an online teaching business:

1. Use Typeform

Conduct online surveys through feedback forms to gauge people’s interest in the business and also to gather their feedback on what they anticipate through the learning course. Typeform.com is a free data collection tool that allows creating surveys, contact forms, questionnaires, polls, and so much for in a comfortable and conversational way. The feedback form will help to understand locate the target audience (in terms of region and ethnicity), what level of learning they are interested in (whether beginner or advanced level), the time duration they can dedicate for the course, as well as their affordability.

2. Create a WordPress website

Build a WordPress website. Apart from being an economical option, having a WordPress website is easy to operate without needing a whole team involving designers, developers, or IT specialist to administer it. Simply purchase a domain, buy a WordPress theme according to the business niche, and create a customized, easy-to-use WordPress website with all the information about your teaching skills, the course outline, fee structure of the classes, etc. Search for one-click demo themes when purchasing a WordPress theme for easier set up without much technical help needed.

3. Create profiles on online course selling websites

Create a profile to offer online courses through online courses providing websites such as Coursera and Udemy. This not is only a convenient way to reach out to a global audience but will also save time and effort for individual classes at a certain point in time.

4. Use MailChimp for sending emails

Use MailChimp as your email marketing platform for your regular updates, announcements, special offers etc. to your subscribers for free. It is an automated email marketing service that helps you design your own emails using already available themes that you can easily customize.

5. Create Graphics on Canva

Try Canva, another free tool for designing logos, graphic posters, infographics etc. for making social media posts and other business imagery as per need. You can even download your graphics designed in Canva and upload them in your MailChimp emails for a more interactive and fun learning approach.

Wrapping Up

If you too have a similar business idea in mind, these tips will help you pursue your dream as well.