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Huawei honor

When it comes to handing out an award to low priced amazing phones of the year 2018, the Honor 10 has a high place. Huawei is the parent company of Honor which was also recently launched in Pakistan. Since Huawei’s flagship phones have top notch features they are sure to travel down to Honor’s phones as well, except that the price greatly varies with Honor offering its phones at a relatively lower cost. Honor 10 is the successor to Honor 9, Honor’s last year’s flagship phone.


With its 5.8 inch bezel less display, the Honor 10 is a beautiful phone. One of its most outstanding features is the glass black which comes in a phantom blue colour, much like Huawei’s P20’s twilight model. The phantom blue glass reflects tones of purple giving the phone a classy look. So for starters, it’s a beautiful phone to hold; other colours available are grey and black. Honor has placed the finger print sensor below the front display of the phone which is also a satisfying feature.

Its 3400 mAh battery which is 200 mAh more than the one in Honor 9, lasts a full day of charging. The only time it is bound to drain before the day ends is with extensive usage, and drawback here is that the Honor 10 does not support wireless charging. To cover this the phone does support the fast charging option.

Two major drawbacks of the phone are that it does not have a slot for micro SD card, so no expandable memory. Also, the device is not water proof.


Huawei’s P20 Pro broke records with its 68 mega pixel camera. While the Honor 10 does not have such an advanced camera, its dual lens rear cameras – 24 and 16 mega pixel put together produce quality images with much detail. The camera can detect various modes of shooting and adjust the picture quality automatically!

The Honor 10 is not a phone that will disappoint.