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Huawei launched its flagship smart phone for the year 2018, the P20 Pro last month. The phone is a successor to the previous model the P10 and is already on its way to being categorised as the best smart phone of the year. The P20 Pro is considered to be quite similar in design to the iPhone X however Huawei has added some extra features in its phone to give a unique look.


The P20 Pro comes with a 6.1 inch OLED display with a finger print scanner placed below the display; so no worries for all those users who get annoyed when a phone’s finger print scanner is placed on its rear side. Crafted out of aluminium, the phone gives off a stainless steel look but does not weigh too much. The glass back gives a classy look to the phone over all but attracts finger print stains which are a downer if you want a phone that always shines.
Huawei produced the phone with its own EMUI system which constantly asks the users to create a Huawei account. The phone also runs on Android 8.1 as well. The phone’s 4000 mAh battery lasts a full day without charging.


The P20 Pro’s most exuberant feature is its camera. Huawei introduced a 68 mega pixel camera in its flagship phone, and one can say that the results are truly amazing. Its rear camera is 40, 20 and 8 mega pixel respectively and when combined together form a 3 lens camera. According to some analysts the colours of the pictures are too saturated but the overall image quality is excellent. The phone automatically detects what sort of picture the user is about to capture such as portrait, or if the phone needs to adjust its mode to evening/night it does so automatically. The selfie camera also adjusts the picture to give the best result.
The P20 Pro is not a smartphone which will disappoint!