In the start of 2018, Facebook updated their News Feed algorithm which made it more challenging for a brand to stay visible on people’s timelines. While it has become increasingly difficult for new businesses to gain organic traffic, existent brands have to come up with algorithm-friendly marketing strategies as well. Here are a few tips in this regard:

  1. Use you Facebook page as a Community Centre: The element of uniqueness has become unavoidable in today’s marketing schemes. You need to engage people in activities which are not primitive, indulge them in discussions on your page. It could be anything from polls and weekly discussions to contests.

2.  Craft optimized post content: This is a very subjective point but we will keep it precise. You need to prepare consistently scheduled posts for your page, they must include engaging content and attractive visuals, and posted at the most popular times (which can be known from Page “Insights” option).

3. A great option is to prepare video content. Just like an image is more engaging than plain text, a video is more alluring than a simple graphic. Promote your brand’s values, its social impact, and product news through short videos.