Over 7 million Pakistani’s have moved abroad and they don’t have any way of becoming a part of the elections that take place in Pakistan. Recently Islamabad, which is the capital as well as the country’s biggest database manager has started working on an online system after the approval of the supreme court. The system is created to help the people abroad to be a part of the elections by being able to vote online in the general elections that’ll take part in the future.

How is the system going to work?

A three-tier electronic mechanism has been created which includes voter registration and verification, vote casting procedures, and results compilation. The audit will be developed for the Pakistani overseas within 4 months. An estimated cost of 150 million is to be spent on the system. Besides this ECP will be providing the other funds that will be needed. The voters living abroad will register themselves as overseas voters and would be asked to enter their national identity card number and other details. Once the registration is complete, the representatives of the Election Commission of Pakistan will interview the voters accordingly. Once they have cleared the interview the registered voters will be given a secure voter ID for polling day. 

What is going to be done on voting day?

On the final voting day, the overseas citizens will log on to the website and enter their secret voter ID’s which will be given to them on polling day. The registration for i-voting will be done as per the new electoral rolls. After logging in, the voter will have to choose between National Assembly and Provincial Assembly ballot option, and then further select a candidate for their constituency.

The system will be protected by a firewall, intrusion detection, and protection system. The results will be collected by returning officers who will be granted access to the e-voting system after the polling has ended. For this system to work efficiently Nadra has offered to train ECP officers for this.