1. Instant Articles: Now you can post your articles on Facebook and earn money from them depending on the traffic they receive. To pave path for benefitting from this feature, you need to write 10 articles to be reviewed by the Facebook team. Their 10% faster loading times enable more traffic to be attracted towards them and you can start earning money by registering on Facebook Audience Network.
  2. Improved Messenger app: You can now enjoy hundreds of new free smileys and have fun conversations. In addition, you may also play different games while chatting and send voice messages to your friends and family.
  3. Organic targeted posts for top fans: If your Page has more than 10,000 likes, you can use this feature to share exclusive content with your ‘top fans’. They are the ones who interact the most with your brand and are most worthy of being rewarded with discounts, limited edition products and more. Its great for your business because there is the element of excitement involved.