overview of women participation

ECP has taken special care to allow as many possible seats to women in the upcoming elections

ECP has taken special measures to ensure that women, disabled and the minorities are included inequality in the electoral process this year. The Election Act 2017 states that any area which has female voters less than 10% will be regarded as null and void. No singular person, political party or contestant will be allowed to stop any woman from casting her vote.

More than 1600 women to participate in elections 2018

It is documented that as many as 1691 women have filed for participation as candidates for the upcoming elections. As compared to the previous elections in which a total of 1171 women contested for seats in the Provincial Assembly, this time around 1255 women has filed for nomination papers. 436 women have filed for seats in the National Assembly.

ECP announced seat province wise regarding the number of female candidates amongst which Punjab ranked as number one with 664 seats for women candidates in the Provincial Assembly. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa ranked as second with 88 women filing for nomination for National Assembly seats and 262 filed for Provincial Assembly seats.

As compared, Sindh witnessed no such spark from women contestants this time around. Only 76 women filed for nomination for National Assembly seats, while 213 women filed for Provincial Assembly seats. Baluchistan witnessed an even lesser number of women candidates; 36 for National Assembly and 116 for Provincial Assembly.

Women Voters

ECP has announced that only 42.42 million women have been registered as eligible voters whereas 12.7 million women remain unregistered. Out of the 97.01 million registered citizens, women make up only 43.7 percent of the voters while men make up 56.27 percent. For the ease of some women such as those in Baluchistan, ECP has made Computerised Electoral Rolls which enables computerized registration for women. This is applicable for 11 districts of Baluchistan. Through this measure, ECP hopes that as many as possible women will be able to vote.