Nokia X5 reveals the launch date

Nokia Mobile Weibo account has announced the launch date of the Nokia X series smartphone in China. The phone is expected to be released...

Here is why people are leaving Careem and moving to Shahi Sawari

Since the time Careem launched in Pakistan, it has slowly made its way to becoming famous as a cheap and accessible ride-hailing service in...

Amazing ancient women scholars of Islam who travelled the world

Here is a presentation that covers their travel. Do give it a look !Female Hadith Scholars

5 types of clients that PISS business owners off

i) Mr/Ms Know-it-All Certain clients pretend to know everything about the task they are hiring another company for. For example, they will hire an ad...

3 best inspirational documentaries of all times

i) Senna (2010) Ayrton Senna was race car driver who won many championships and most importantly, many hearts. This documentary follows his life and struggle...

Xiaomi launches Mi Mouse Pad

The Chinese mobile phone company has launched two new mice known as the Mi Mouse Pad and the Smart Mi Mouse Pad. The Smart...
Online voting system

NADRA developing an online voting system for overseas Pakistanis

Over 7 million Pakistani’s have moved abroad and they don’t have any way of becoming a part of the elections that take place in...