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Prime Minister Imran Khan introduces easy e-visa for foreigners


Ever since Imran Khan has taken his oath, he hasn’t bowed down from performing any of his duties and is justly serving the nation. In his struggle and determination to boost the country’s tourism industry and bring in foreign investors, Prime Minister Imran Khan has introduced a convenient e-visa system for foreigners from 175 countries.

In a recent ceremony organized in Islamabad, PM emphasized that through this venture, Pakistan will welcome the world. It not only shows a symbol of self-reliance and optimism but points out how the security situation in Pakistan has positively improved. Through this latest online or e-visa policy, foreign visitors belonging to 175 across the globe will be easily facilitated to visit Pakistan, making the country easily reachable for global investors, as stated in PTI’s official Twitter.

Initially, people from like United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, China, and Turkey will be able to benefit from this convenient facility.

Following this latest visa scheme, the Government of Pakistan will allow e-visas for duration of three-month in 7-10 working days of processing time. Additionally, the government has cut down the regular visa fee by nearly 22-65 percent.

According to the process identified by National Database and Registration Authority (Nadra), visitors or sightseers who are interested in obtaining Pakistani visas will only need to follow these simple steps:

  • visit the portal,
  • fill out the form,
  • upload the requested documents,
  • and pay the visa fee.

This way, it will be expedient for visitors to receive their e-visa without visiting a Pakistan embassy in their country. Applicants whose visa is approved will be informed through email and text message that will be verified at their arrival in the country.

Furthermore, the government will also facilitate five years multiple business visas to process within 24 hours if all the required documents have been provided.

The welcoming part is that Indian nationals will also be permitted to benefit from this latest visa facility on arrival basis for religious purposes. During the ceremony, PM Imran Khan underlined that this new visa regime will pave way to support religious tourism as well as sight-seeing.

As in the words of PM Imran Khan,

“Today I especially congratulate the interior ministry and foreign office. People don’t realize that this is a very big change today. To take a 1000 mile journey you have to take the first step. The task force on tourism will begin work on ecologically and environmentally friendly tourism in accordance with new best practices.”

Fundamentally, the government of Pakistan has also drawn a visa policy for foreign journalists by granting them visa on priority basis after it has been approved by the Ministry of Information. This will certainly help foreign journalists to bring international attention on the progressive side of Pakistan.