Samsung Galaxy is a prestigious series of smartphones we so often relate to elevated prices. Every now and then, they come up with exquisite pieces like A30 and S8 which are accessorized with cutting-edge features and a lofted price but Galaxy J6 Plus is a rare outlier: It is an affordable Samsung gadget with optimal functionality and fast speed but nothing that will make you floored.


J6 Plus is available in three different colors with a shiny outlook. While it is devoid of the customary curved edges Samsung phones are furnished with, it has a smooth, sleek fillet touch to it with dual camera and LED flashlight on the rear. It differs from other standard phones at this price though, owing to the placement of fingerprint reader on the right side instead of being on the front. Moreover, there is no physical home button while the volume rocker and slots are situated on the left side.


Equipped with a Snapdragon 425 GPU and 3GB of RAM, it promises a responsive behavior and optimum speed although had it been bedecked with Samsung’s own Exynos chips, things would have been a lot quicker. The 6-inch display screen with a resolution of 720x1480pixels and a high contrast ratio of 1109:1, is large enough to permit multi-tasking. The split screen function can be employed to view multiple apps at the same time with the additional option of a slider to adjust the amount of space each one takes. The speed however begins to reduce once you multi-task: it achieved a frame rate of 6 on GFXBench  Manhattan 3 test but general app use and navigation are lightening. Battery timing is a huge plus on account of its 4000mAh capacity which provides about 18 hours of continuous video playback.


The 13-Megapixel rear camera with a 5-Megapixel depth sensor manages to capture the detail and color an object is constituted with. It has a focal length of 29mm and an f/1.9 aperture which works quite well in good light. Other features such as HDR and Panorama take rich-quality photos and videos at 30fps with a ‘live focus’ feature that highlights a specific object in frame however it struggles to shine with similar effect in dim light. Edges started to appear darker, and colors began to distort. Equally priced Motorola G7 performed well in these cases.


It supports 2G, 3G and 4G networks along with Bluetooth, Wi-fi, NFC and ANT+ low-power wireless protocol. GPS is fairly accurate with surprisingly precise tracking on sharp corner while call quality is decent.

Final Verdict

Samsung has managed to propose an affordable and utility-laden smartphone for its users but it lags behind on some grounds as compared to competitors like Honor and Xiaomi however one cannot deny the clear advantage of reliability, warranty and brand name this model carries with it.