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Rialto.pk: A young and vibrant company that caters to the fashion needs of men, women and kids


Tech Central: Who is the owner of this start up?
Rialto.pk: Salman Khawar, Zubair Tahir, Bilal Ahmed & Adil Tahir

TC:What motivated you for starting this?
Rialto: I was working a job at ExportLeftovers.com when I realised that I need to do something on my own. Meanwhile the rest of my team was planning to already launch a brand named RedPoll. I wanted to give true value for money to the customers since most of the people feel ripped after buying online at most of the stores. Either in terms of Customer service or product quality comparative to the pricing. Planned to make a marketplace with RedPoll as the featured brand.

TC: How is your service different from the already existing services?
Rialto: I am selling products at the most affordable prices with the best quality available for that price.

TC: What is your USP?
Rialto: Most convenient returns, Delivering Value for Money & Premium Merchandise which goes through a strict quality check before being uploaded to our website.

TC: Are you planning to expand to other cities too?
Rialto: Well, as I am doing an e-commerce store, I am already selling all across Pakistan so there’s no reason to expand to other cities.