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Say Hello To An Old Friend: Nokia 3310 (2017)


Unless you are living under a rock, nostalgia must have hit you hard when the news of the return of the revamped Nokia 3310 reached your ears. Amid the hullabaloo around the re-release of this iconic, near-indestructible feature phone, one thing is certain, however: Sans 3G, sans Wi-Fi, sans touchscreen, sans everything that helps us keep up with our hyper-connected modern lives, Nokia 3310 (2017) can never replace our iPhones, Samsung Galaxy phones or any other smartphone for that matter.

Having said that, even if the new Nokia 3310 might not be the perfect phone for us to stay reachable at all times, capture our every moment and make a splash on social media, it can still very well be our go-to phone as an emergency backup and an easy-to-use mode of communication for kids and/or elderly parents.

In short, buying the new Nokia 3310 and expecting it to be your one and only phone is a really bad idea. But we won’t judge you if you buy it as a spare for those rough weekends when you lose your expensive smartphone or can’t seem to find a plug to recharge it for days on end. Or for those holidays and festivals when you can stash it in your pocket and toss it into the car and know for sure that it will get you through the whole trip without dying out.

What can you do with the new Nokia 3310

  • Make calls and send texts.
  • Play MP3s and FM Radio.
  • Take photos.
  • Browse the internet, email and Twitter.
  • Play the legendary Snake.
  • With a bigger 1200mAh battery, manage 22 hours of talk time and up to a month of standby on a single charge. Plus, the battery is removable, so you can carry a spare, if you like.

Buy this dirt-cheap feature phone here and feel awash with nostalgia and fond memories.