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The Secret Ingredient by Henna Hassan- For food lovers who do not compromise on quality!


Tech Central: Who is the owner of this start up?
Secret Ingredient: I, Henna Hassan, am the owner. I am an ACCA qualified house wife, and a mother of two young school going kids. Having love for cooking/baking, I decided to take up this home based venture.

TC: What motivated you for starting this?
SI: I have had a passion for cooking and specially baking for a long time. I love to experiment with food. Making food for friends and family, tweaking recipes to make your own flavour that also caters to their taste buds is what compelled me to start this exciting venture.

TC: How is your service different from the already existing services?
SI: Everything is home made. I don’t use commercialized ingredients. My ingredients are all everyday use products that are good for your health. From my kitchen, People will get foo with the sort of trust one can assume in his or her own kitchen.

TC: What is your USP?
SI: I don’t go for quantity and industrial scale. Everything should be fresh and of high quality. Being of high quality is important. Even if I am not able to cater profits, I don’t want to compromise on the motto of my business that is quality. I don’t cut corners. I make recipes to taste and quality as well as maintaining the originality of the product.  My “secret ingredient” is quality.

TC: Are you planning to expand to other cities too?
SI: For now, I want to concentrate on Faisalabad only as i want to create a bond with customers here and build a name. By the way, I am a Lahori so next target could well be Lahore. It is also close to Faisalabad so it is a possibility, logistically as well as ancestrally.