If you are a videographer, art maker, or an online teacher, you must feel the need to have a perfect space with suitable gadgets to work like a pro. Your plan to set up a home studio where you can work, record and edit audio and video, will get a proper direction if you follow this checklist.  

  1. Computer:

It is the “brain” of your home studio without which other components are of little or no use. A fast computer with large storage capacity is required. You have to run multiple demanding software on the computer thus anything less than 16 GB of RAM is not acceptable. Eye for a killer graphic card, enhanced accessibility tools and an operating system which is compatible with modern updates.

  • DAW (Digital Audio Workstation):

It is the software you will use to prepare your audio files. This is the base station where all your editing, mixing, recording and MIDI arrangements will occur. Depending on the type of performance you are looking for, you may choose between GarageBand, Ableton, Cubase or any other various platforms out there.

  • Video editing software:

Market is filled with outstanding video editing software that are convenient to use and supreme in functionality. An audio and video go hand in hand and will complement each other if prepared with precision. Some great tools are Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Corel VideoStudio and KineMaster.

  • Accessories:

There is a long list of useful accessories that you can choose from. It’s a vast category and include everything from headphones, studio lights, cameras, flash drives and plugins. It’s better if you select products of reputable brands like Waves, Native Instruments, Cannon, and Interfit. They would be a bit expensive but will stay with you for a long time and provide professional performance.Setting up a home studio is a big investment and if done intelligently, can pay you off in the future for a very long period of time.