Careem and Uber came and provided elevated levels of comfort to the citizens of Pakistan few years back. While these two are still the top picks for most of the people, but the recent hike in their rates have reduced their popularity somehow. SIYARA- a startup in Karachi seems to realize this as an opportunity and have come forward with their own cab service.

Rates of Siayara rides

It is primarily based in Karachi and have started the service with 2000 cars which are divided in to 4 categories: Mini, Eco, Eco+ and Business. The competitive advantage this service offers is the reduced rate/km. When using Mini car, a fare of PKR 15/km will be charged to the customer that is PKR 3-4 less than what the competitors are offering. Other cars travel with running rates of PKR 17/km, PKR 18/km and PKR 26/km respectively. Unlike Careem and Uber, there are no peak factors and provides 24/7 service.

Booking on Siayara

The method of registration is simple. You have to download the App and register your account on it after which you can book a ride just in the same way as Careem. Siayara has launched its official website and App and has started the business already.

Future prospectsIt’s a little early to comment whether it will prove out to be helpful for the people and the business itself or not but the CEO Siayara, Muhammad Umair is pretty hopeful of the success keeping in view the tiring efforts invested in the idea and the implementation procedure. Only time will tell whether this Karachi-based startup will shine with popularity amongst the whole country or not. We urge all the Karachiites to check out this service once, for sure.