What is SmartArt?

SmartArt is a graphic tool in MS Word used to convert ordinary text into a more visually appealing graphic representation.

It is extremely easy to create and edit. Simply, click on the “Insert” tab and select “SmartArt”. This opens a wide range of graphic illustration schemes form which you can choose your required diagram type and start working on it.

What makes SmartArt so useful?

It is a highly useful tool because the mere text which wasn’t potentially appealing can now be presented to your readers in a visual, engaging and more understandable manner.

You may compare the difference through the diagram below

Whichever type of writing you are working on; it can be converted to SmartArt accordingly. There is a complete range of options that you can select from, like cycle, process, pyramid, hierarchy and much more.

For example, if you want to explain the digestion process of a human body, you may choose the “process” or “cycle” type of SmartArt and arrange your text in colorful bubbles connected with each other through arrows.

Advantages of using SmartArt:

  1. It lets you represent a variety of concepts more interestingly in an understandable manner for your readers and audience.
  2. They can be easily coordinated with your presentations and edited according to their theme
  3. You can replace the layout of an existing SmartArt with another compatible one which increases the options you have, for making diagrammatic illustrations related to the same topic.

Options in editing SmartArt:

Once you have decided on the type of SmartArt, you will get a 3-5 staged diagram. Let us consider this “cycle” type.

You can add as many branches you like by left clicking on the shape and selecting “Add shape”. You can also change the shape, color and effects of each branch according to your wish and requirement. In addition, the text font, color and style can also be edited. Here is an idea of what can you perform.

Use this tool in your work to make them more attractive, engaging and comprehensible.