Alif Ailaan is a non-profit organization that is focused on working in the education sector of Pakistan since 2013. It collaborates with parents, teachers and government officials to eliminate the education crisis in Pakistan. According to recent reports, 22.8 million children between the age of 5 and 16 receive no formal education in Pakistan and thus remain illiterate. The national average score of maths and science according to the National Assessment Test in 2016 was below 50% of the students studying in Pakistani schools. In lieu of this, Alif Ailaan has taken certain actions to create awareness regarding the educational deficit present in the country.

Launching the Taleem Do application

Taleem Do is an application launched by Alif Ailaan. It is a citizen reporting mobile application and online platform. Imran Ghazali, Alif Ailaan’s digital media head explained that “through this App, people can report issues, read education-related stories, submit their pledges to support education reforms in Pakistan.”

The application was developed with a vision, “to enable and empower the Pakistani citizens to raise their voice for a strong, prosperous and educated Pakistan.”  Alif Ailaan believes in creating awareness regarding the government schools in Pakistan. At the launch of the application, the campaign director of Alif Ailaan Mosharraf Zaidi said that “Every Pakistani child deserves to be in school, and have quality education. Do government schools provide that chance to every Pakistani child?” He further encouraged people to support the platform by saying, “voice of the people of Pakistan can change this!”

Highlighting issues through Taleem Do

The application has been launched in collaboration with DLP, an Islamabad based software hub. The online platform has also been designed to receive complaints, status reports, and updates regarding problems within the education system. Through the collection of this data, Alif Ailaan hopes to pressurize political candidates to bring about change and work for the educational sector of Pakistan.