Home Startups Tech Central met Kitchen Cottage!

Tech Central met Kitchen Cottage!


Tech Central: Who is the owner of this startup?

Kitchen Cottage: I, Anilla Nadeem, am the owner of Kitchen Cottage. It is a school where people can take cooking, baking and cake decoration classes. We have a home-made items bakery too and we also make signature cakes.

TC: What motivated you for starting this?

KC: Perfect cooking is essential for all girls, I believe. I had good skills to cook and bake and I wanted to teach those to the new generation at an economical fee.

TC: How is your service different from the already existing services?

KC: There’s no trend of cooking classes here. If you wish to do a formal course, you have to spend a heavy amount of money. Our kitchen offers a 7 days course and even weekend courses for the professional women who cannot spend weekdays. End of our course, my students have a get together where they bring the dishes they have made themselves.

TC: What is your USP?

KC:  My USP is to give confidence to our teens so that they proudly and confidently in their kitchen and serve their family. I suggest them not to spend a lot of time and money to do long courses on the name of professional cooking.

TC: Are you planning to expand to other cities too?

KC: No yet. I wish to promote this in my hometown first as there are no such institutions here.