Ramadan is here in its full glory and each one of us wants to make the most out of this special month. Owing to busy schedules and tough routines it becomes difficult to maximise personal worship at times.  Gladly, technological advancement has made great progressions in all areas of life including the development of some great applications customised to meet your worshipping needs. Here are three applications that could come in handy this Ramadan.

Your Go To Applications for This Ramadan:

  1. Muslim Pro: This is a fantastic application available both on the Play Store and iTunes. It has a variety of features such as providing you with a daily verse from the Quran, a digital rosary and a digital Quran with translation available in many languages. It has recently introduced a full screen page view of the Quran and a new audio player for a better sound experience. Other than this the application has reminders for prayer and adhaan timings, as well as a personal tracker to track your worship activities such as prayer and fasting. You can also learn ninety-nine names of Allah from the application and few selected duas as well.
  2. Ramadan Legacy: This is available both on Play Store and iTunes. It has a fairly simple design and is easy to use. The application works by asking you to input your Ramadan goals and then tracks your achievements through out the month. It also sends you motivating posts to help you maintain your enthusiasm for the entire month. Other than this, users can share their Ramadan pictures and reflections with other users of the application through their live stream.
  3. Lose It: While the month of Ramadan is all about praying and fasting, personal health is also important. With the odd eating times that happen in Ramadan, gaining or losing weight can become a daunting task. Lose It provides users with a wide array of foods and their calorie amounts. It also has a calorie counter to track the daily calorie intake of the user. By putting in information of everyday meals the application tracks your diet and health status. You can input anything from your daily meal at suhoor time to what you ate after iftar.