In the last post, we discussed techniques for effective on-page SEO writing. Here are some more tips for you.

  1. Composition is important: Like every other piece of writing, correct use of language is significant for on-page content. Microsoft Word usually indicates spelling mistakes and common conjunction errors but not the correct use of connotations, synonyms and sentence structure. That’s when online platforms like Grammarly and Ludwig come in to play. Check your doubtful sentences on these forums. A useful tip is to limit the use of words like ‘This’, ‘The’ and ‘It’ to start your sentences.
  2. Consider the analytic tools: Analytic tools like bounce rate and time-on-site tell you about the nature of activity occurring on your content. If the bounce rate is high, it means readers are not impressed by your content. Edit it to make it more engaging for the readers. SEO analytic tool on WordPress indicates some of the improvements you can make, for example, reducing the instances of sentences starting from the similar word or creating an extra paragraph where the prior one is too long.
  3. Work on your Meta Descriptions: These are short descriptions that appear under the website link on search engine result’s page. It is very relevant when it comes to ranking. Try to use the target keyword in the start of the meta description and leave some cliffhanger at the end so that the readers are inclined to click on it. You may also use LSI (Latent Semantic Keywords) or fellow keywords to make it more effective.
    Stay tuned for more tips and techniques.