Ramadan is an amazing time of the year which if utilised properly can help you develop better habits and achieve your small term goals. There is truly no better time to improve our personal selves and let go of unhealthy habits that stop us from being successful. Often with busy schedules the toughest part in Ramadan is balancing the work, home, spirituality triangle. Here are a few tips to help you make the best of your day this Ramadan.

Small and Simple Wins the Race

  1. Create Your Own Timetable: This is something that has been repeated over for so long that it almost seems like a redundant advice, but this is the golden key to maximising potential. When you create a time table that incorporates your daily chores, your travel time, your work time and your personal worship time you have a clear set idea of how the day will go about. Create a to do list for yourself each day and strike off the tasks that you have accomplished. This will help you save yourself from a lot of frenzy and undue stress.
  2. Set Clear Achievable Goals: A simple but really important thing in this month is not to over burden yourself. Do not try and finish the Quran in tend days if you can’t and are not in the habit of reading it in large amounts. Set simple clear goals like read one para each day. Stick to praying taraweeh consistently and take an afternoon nap so that you are fresh during the night prayer.
  3. Have a No Social Media Time: During this one month try and minimize the time you spend on social media applications. Utilise that time instead for listening to an Islamic lecture, or reading the Quran or simply just doing some zikar. Keeping a no social media time will help you energise your spirituality level and help you accomplish your tasks much quicker than planned.
  4. Involve Your Family in Daily Tasks: In order for everyone to achieve their Ramadan goals it is important that the entire family functions together. Divide tasks and chores amongst everyone so no single person is burdened during the month and has to compromise on their spiritual goals. Getting everyone involved increases productivity and creates ease for the entire family.

It’s not too late! Implement these steps and maximise your Ramadan in the best manner.