Being an entrepreneur is no walk in the park. It requires consistent hard work, creativity and commitment. Here are the top challenges they face in the start.

  1. Getting funding: The idea might be revolutionary but it can’t be implemented until it receives proper funding. New entrepreneurs have to toil to gather money. They might have to take part in start-up competitions, pitch in their business idea at different forums, meet and get embarrassed by top companies but still, they need to remain positive.
  2. Time and task management: There are so many tasks to look at that day passes like an hour. You get overworked and your health might potentially drop. Your team might be your friends in University but once you set on to start business practically, they find it difficult to act professionally and tend to take things lightly.
  3. Getting a good business team: It’s one thing to make a business plan on PowerPoint, a whole other to implement it. There are so many issues to resolve, new financial terms you come across and government policies gnawing at your chances of growth therefore you have to find a brilliant business team that is both professional and cheap. It’s hard but not impossible.