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TRIMS: An online start up that deals with herbal products for hair and skin

Trims herbal Products

Tech Central: Who is the owner of this start up?
TRIMS: Tooba Abbasi is the owner of TRIMS herbal products, a venture serving organic and herbal products for hair and skin. I have completed my ACCA and I am currently a student of IBA.

Tech Central: What motivated you for starting this?
TRIMS: I always wanted to do something extraordinary and different from the typical accounting or finance related jobs, in order to achieve a distinct impact. When one of my friend (thyroid patient) asked me about something to cure hair fall and my product helped her I finally decided to launch this venture officially.

Tech Central: How is your service different from the already existing services?
TRIMS: TRIMS isn’t just about ‘selling’ it’s about ‘serving’.
Our after sales service and detailed knowledge of products have helped us achieve the solid grounds in this competitive market.

Tech Central: What is your USP?
TRIMS: Our USP is ‘freshly extracted oils’.
We don’t keep stock but infact every time a customer places an order, we make fresh oils and deliver freshly prepared products.

Tech Central: Are you planning to expand to other cities too?
TRIMS: We have already established our business in 200 cities of Pakistan and serving few overseas clients as well.