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How to use the Xiaomi dual apps feature


Many a times we want to keep our business and private life separate. However, unfortunately, smartphones don’t allow that.

Even though most smartphones come with dual SIMs, none of them have the feature of setting up two different apps for two different accounts.

Then came Mi, launched exclusively in Pakistan by Smartlink Technologies. All Mi smartphones are available with exclusive offers at Selecto as well.

Mi smartphones come with Dual Apps feature which allows users to create two instances of the same app. For example, you can keep a separate Facebook account for work and a separate one for family. Snapchat, Instagram and WhatsApp can all be two apps each so you can keep your public and private life separate.

Here’s how you can use the Dual Apps feature in Mi phones.

1- Go to ‘Settings’, Click on ‘Dual Apps’
2- You will see a list of Apps that are supported by this feature:

3- Once you click on WhatsApp, a clone will appear on your home screen. You will note that the clone has a yellow tab on the short cut.

That’s it. Remember that each app (1st instance or 2nd instance) has its own independent Data and Settings. It means that you can use two different Whatsapp accounts. The clone app will have nothing to do with the original app.

Have you used this feature? What do you think?