The first platform that pops in the mind once we hear digital marketing is Facebook. But with an engaging video content on Youtube and its comments being tied to Google+, you can use it to enhance the visibility of your business. Here are some tips of using Youtube for your business’s marketing.

  1. Be consistent with your content: You have to maintain a high level of content to keep the viewers attracted to your channel. Prepare short and meaningful videos, beautify the look of your channel through “Dark mode” and changing the colors of the display and update the content regularly.
  2. Be careful about the titles: People search for Youtube videos the same way they search for content on Google. So, keep your titles interesting, SEO-friendly and short. It is better to name a video “Capture the world with Samsung S10” than “Samsung S10 Review”.
  3. Choose tags and category wisely: There are 15 categories to choose from when uploading videos on Youtube and there are plenty of tags to opt form. Choose the ones that people search the most.
  4. Build up your Google+ account: With Youtube comments now linked with Google+, you need to have a proper Google+ account with company’s profile and updated details.