Anxiety levels soar high as Election Day approaches; Google has its own predictions to offer.

With just one day to go till the Election Day in Pakistan, the general public is getting anxious by the minute regarding who will win the elections this time around. The search interests of Pakistanis have been noted by Google and in lieu of that, it can be predicted which party is the most popular amongst the general public. However, these search results in no way indicate a definite answer.

Following the search trend

Up until June, PTI and PML-N were equal in terms of popularity according to the Google search trend. Tables turned in July when PTI is 30 points ahead of PML-N and 60 points ahead of PPP. PTI is most popular in FATA, and in a tough competition against PML-N in Punjab and Sindh. PML-N is 25 points ahead of PTI in Punjab. However, PPP is only able to maintain a stronghold in Sindh in terms of popularity.

PTI and PML-N are the most searched for parties in cities of Faisalabad and Lahore, whereas PTI takes the lead in Islamabad. Karachi, the metropolitan city of Pakistan has no dominant party that could indicate one certain party’s popularity. PTI, PML-N, and PPP all seem to be equally popular.

Which leader makes it to the top?

Up till now, Imran Khan’s popularity was far more than Shahbaz Sharif and Bilawal Bhutto. However, the trend has noted to be changed as recently Imran Khan’s popularity decreased on Google search. In contrast, Bilawal Bhutto’s popularity seems to be rising as more and more people search for him.

The Google search trend in no way indicates the preference or decision of voters for a particular party; it only translates for the popularity of the political parties amongst the general public. There is only 27% internet access in the entire country. The statistics speaks for itself and cannot be a source upon which any fact can be generated.