It is the most glorified time of the year for Muslims and world tech developers are focused on providing them with just the right sort of applications they need. Ramadan revolves around day time fasting and night time worship for Muslims around the world. The Holy month is followed by a festive occasion known as Eid, but before that the month must be spend in hard core worship and maximised holy benefits. 


1.      MUSLIM PRO: The muslim pro application has got to be one of the best applications available on the iStore as well as Google Play. The application gives you exact prayer timings with the Azaan, it gives a pop notification of Verse of the day from the Holy Quran and is full of supplications, daily religious thought and religious activities. The Muslim Pro is a muslim’s one stop app to gain benefits in the holy month of Ramadan. The developers have included a Arabic to English translation of the Quran as well.

2.      QURAN READER: The Quran Reader is another application available both on iStore and Google Play. The app has an interactive user interface which allows the reader to read, listen and study the Quran with just one tap on the screen. The readers can mark which verse of the Quran they are reciting as well as share a recitation and verses directly from the application. The app also provides verse by verse recitation of the Holy Quran.


3.      RAMADAN LEGACY: This application allows users to build up an effective schedule and helps you set goals that you want to achieve in the month. It boosts your productivity by giving you inspirational reminders. It provides users with a timeline that tracks their achievements throughout the month.