i)                  Procrastination:

Putting things off only makes them more stressful. It is time to get your act together, make a to do list and complete your tasks.

ii)  Blaming other people:

You can’t do well in life because your grandparents didn’t earn enough. You failed your college test because your friend didn’t call you to wake you up. You were unable to finish your office work because the person next to you kept talking.

No. These excuses don’t really mean anything.

Try to take responsibility for what is going on in your life and set it right.

iii)                 Not sticking to a routine:

Everything God made has a pattern to it. Does your life have it too? Try to make a schedule and a routine that suit your personality and stick to it. It will not only increase your productivity but will also make you feel positive.

iv)                 Not working out:

Believe it or not, working out helps relieve stress by releasing pent up energy and negativity. Spend some time and do your body and mind a favor by working out at least 6 days a week.

v)                  Telling lies:

Lying to yourself is as bad as lying to other people. Stand in front of a mirror daily and tell yourself off as well as praise yourself for the good that you do. You are your best judge. Don’t lie to other people and be honest in your dealing. There is nothing that destroys trust and your social standing as lying does.

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