1)      “That’s not my problem”

This will make you come across as a very mean person.

What to say instead: Please talk to [insert name] instead. They can guide you better


2)      “I can’t do this”

Don’t be a road block. If you are supposed to find a solution, find it.

What to say instead: Let’s brainstorm this a bit. I need a new perspective on this.


3)      “Let me get back to you in half an hour”

Chances are, you won’t.

What to say instead: Let me get back to you on a timeframe


4)      “I may be wrong…”

No need to discredit yourself.

What to say instead: I have an idea, what do you guys think?


5)      “You should have…”

There is no need to intimidate your workmates and make them feel bad.

What to say instead: Why don’t you try so and so?


We hope these tips will improve your communication skills and make you a team player at your workplace.