There are many apps that have Quran in them.

Some are simple and give you a feeling of the real paper Quran you usually read from. Some have translations and translitration. Some have added tafsir for understanding. Some apps track your progress and let you add notes if you want. There is also a distinction between Indo-Pakistan script vs arabic script. Some of you might find it hard to read from some quran apps that is because most of us in pakistan and india are used to indo-pakistan script.

Below you will find an app from each category to help you make a better decision.

1- The simple quran Apps (indo pakistan script)

I personally use Urdu Quran 16 lines its a simple quran app with no extras and takes you back to reading from the printed quran. It lets you choose to go Surah-vise or Juz/para-vise. There are alot of other quran apps like this but the keywords to search for are “16 lines” and “urdu quran”.

2- Simple Quran (Arabic Script)

My personal favourite in this category is Al Quran Al Majeed. Is a great app and has no distractions just plain simple quran. There are alot of other apps as well that you can explore in this category like Quran HD.

3- Quran Apps with translation (Simple easy traslation)

My personal favourite in this category is any quran app with Translation by Mufti Taqi Usmani urdu or english. The reason is that this translation uses very easy words and as a result is the easiest to understand. You can use “Aasan tarjuma e quran by mufti m taqi usmani” for urdu translation or “the noble Quran” for english translation. I don’t believe that this is the only good translation and as a result would love to know if you have any other favourites.

4- Quran Apps with word to word Translation

My personal favourite in this category is Urdu Quran word to word by Hafiz Nazar Ahmed. The urdu language is harder compared to the translation by Mufti Taq Usmani but its very accurate and as result if you are student of Quranic Arabic this is a great App. This is however a very simple App and as a result its not very interactive. If you want a more interactive app with word to word translation by Hafiz Nazar Ahmed then Quran word to word and urdu translations is for you. Again there are many more apps that you can look for.

For word to word English translation you can use Analyze Quran or Quran and Tafsir by Quran Academy or Quran explorer.

5- Quran Tafsir Apps

I’m a fan or Maariful Quran so any app with Maariful Quran tafsir in english or urdu are great. However maariful quran has a lot of information as a result if you are looking for something light than Bayan ul Quran or tafsir by Dr Israr Ahmed is amazing as well in urdu or English. You can search for the keywords and find the app you like.

The other most famous tafsir that is used all over the world and is the backbone for all other tafsir books is tafsir by Ibn Kathir. You can search for the keywords “Ibn Kathir” and you can find an app you like.