Google has recently redesigned its email option and has introduced a new offline mode for Gmail. As the name suggests, the offline mode allows users to write, search, delete and archive messages even when there is no internet connection. Google is aiming to make you connected even when you are disconnected!


There is a slight condition when it comes to using this mode; the users are supposed to be using the Chrome 61 or higher version. And they are going to have install the Chrome Gmail offline extension.

To enable it, you need to head to the settings option in mail, then click on the “enable offline mail” option. After enabling it, Gmail gives you the option to download mail from the past 7, 30 or 90 days. Gmail also provides a download attachments option.

If you compose a mail in offline mode, it will be sent to the new “outbox” section and will be sent as soon as the device connects to the internet.


In the offline email mode there are two further options to sync data:

  1. Syncing data and keeping it: In this option Google syncs your data from your mail box and keeps it in the computer even after you have signed out. To delete account data users will have to disable offline mode, save changes and then delete data. However, this setting is not recommended for users with shared computers.
  2. Remove offline data from device: In this option Google syncs data but will delete it as soon as you log it out. Google states that syncing the entire data each time may take up to few hours. However this option is better in terms of user privacy.