Both Google and Facebook have millions of users each day and have become a vital source of survival in today’s world. Google has expanded and bought 100 companies since it was founded in 1998 while Facebook own 18 companies since it was founded in 2004. Privacy or no privacy, everyone uses Facebook and Google. Here’s a comparison of who protects their user privacy better.


Basic user information is required by both social media platforms such your mobile number and real name. Facebook and Google both don’t allow the use of pseudonyms. The two factor authentication as well as remote log out is enabled by both sites. When it comes to storing your data, Google stores user data up till 18 months whereas Facebook permanently stores the user data in its data base. Both sites alert their users if they detect some suspicious activity in their accounts.

Here are a few facts about these two sites which are not very appealing when it comes to privacy protection;

  • Both the sites allow companion sites to share information.
  • Facebook blocks individuals from seeing posts, but Google does not. Google also does not prohibit people from adding anyone and everyone in their Google plus circles.
  • Facebook shares the entire user data of WhatsApp since it owns the company.
  • Both websites scan user content for keywords.



Facebook bought the company Onavo in 2013. Onavo provides VPN service and has an application by the name of Bolt Lock App. This application collects mobile data of its users and hands it over to Facebook; which is a clear privacy breach. Facebook has earlier been accused of privacy breach of its users as well.


For now, Google has a better privacy protection system than Facebook.