Snapchat has taken note of the response from its users after its previous update, in lieu of which Snapchat has redesigned the application once again. Last year the social media application launched a new update which led to a lot of back lash from its users. Celebrities such as Kylie Jenner and Chrissy Teigen criticised the update on Twitter which led to its stock rate decrease.


For starters, Snapchat has once again decided to show stories in reverse chronological order. They changed this feature in the previous update which is what made it very confusing for its users. A lot of people reported that the changed order made it difficult to navigate the application. In this redesign, the stories are separated from messages. The chats, pictures and videos will now once again be shown in reverse chronological order as they were before the earlier update happened.

The stories will be shown on the right hand side of the application but will not be mixed with the stories and content created by brands. Snapchat has also added a subscription feed so that users can search popular brands and celebrities whose stories they would like to view in their feed.

Snapchat CEO Spiegel stated that, “We learned that combining watching Stories and communicating with friends into the same place made it harder to optimize for both competing behaviours. We are currently rolling out an update to address this by sorting communication by recency and moving Stories from friends to the right side of the application, while maintaining the structural changes we have made around separating friends from creators and sorting friends’ Stories by relationships.”

Snapchat was forced to think on its decision after 1.2 million people signed a petition that they wanted the old design back. The redesign is currently available for iOS users only.