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Surviving corona Virus post lock-down: your responsibility!

There is so much we can do as a community in this pandemic.


Lock downs are a temporary solution to this current pandemic. Social distancing and taking precautions will be the way forward either this month or next month. Please play your part in this and stop the spread.

1- Don’t have social gatherings PERIOD

2- Go out only when extremely necessary

3- Shop online, disinfect the package that arrives at your home

4- Make sure to disinfect after you have been outside. Trying wearing full sleeves so that the shirt or the upper garment can be removed once you are home.

5- Avoid pointless hugging and shaking hands

6- YES its completely okay to politely refuse a hug kiss or a handshake, teach your kids the same

7- Avoid using currency notes and when you do wash your hands afterwards or disinfect

8- If you are a business owner reduce your office staff. Try having some people work from home and only come to office once a week or when needed. YES there are always people that can work from home and NO this will not reduce your efficiency

9- It is better to be healthy and safe and keep your family safe rather than celebrate their birthdays or special occasions with gatherings. NO you are not doing them a favour YES you are putting them and yourself in danger

10- Don’t freak out if you feel you have corona virus. Since you can’t keep getting yourself tested everytime you feel like you might have the virus. Take action immediately and isolate yourself, wear a mask when near people, monitor your temperature, try using more than one thermometer to be more accurate, drink fluids and rest. If you don’t feel better in a few days then go and get yourself tested. Also if a close one feels this way then keep them calm and follow the steps.

11- Mental health is the key! Things are changing dramatically no one expects you to be on top of everything so relax and try to go with the flow. Dont judge and most of all don’t feel judged. Just have a happy routine or a calming routine daily. It could be listening to something or simply just sitting alone or maybe reading or writing or painting. Don’t make this screen-time otherwise you won’t be relaxed.

12- Stop fretting about kids and their education. We are going through a pandemic their mental health through this is important as well so let things slide. Stop worrying about their entertainment this is good time to let your kids get bored and find ways to self entertain or find a hobby. Its not your job to constantly stimulate your kids don’t let facebook Instagram or pinterest posts by mothers doing too much get you down! You are doing the best you can and that’s all that’s required!

13- Try spending as less money as you can. Help people if you have more or save for times ahead don’t waste money on frivolous shopping on things that you don’t need.